Shellac Stack No. 31


Shellac Stack No. 31 opens with a brilliant performance of “Honeysuckle Rose” from Kay Starr in 1946. A dozen more records follow, ranging from the Ink Spots to Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra. Don’t miss Brucie Weil singing the “Little Boy Blues” from 1953!

2 thoughts on “Shellac Stack No. 31

  1. This podcast was a treat because the Ink Spots member Bill Kenny
    was a good friend of my Mom.Thanks for that great reminder.
    I can’t get over the quality of the sound you must be using special
    equipment to get rid of the scratchy stuff.??

    • Thanks, Loyd! That’s incredible that your mom knew Bill Kenny. Fortunately, I found a clean copy of that Ink Spots 78. Matched with the right sized stylus, 78s can sound quite good! Truth be told, though, I do run a light de-crackle filter over many of these. My goal is to gently tone down the level of surface noise, but not eliminate it. Too much processing can ruin the sound. Thank you for listening and thanks for the comment!

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